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         Louis the XIV summoned the Archbishop of Paris
         to his palace in Versailles.
         Louis: "It has reached me that you intend not to allow our lately departed Moliere
         a Christian burial."
         Archbishop: "The law decrees that he may not be buried
         in Godís consecrated earth."
         Louis: "I see. And exactly how far down does Godís consecrated earth go?"
         Archbishop: "Four feet deep, my King."
         Louis: "So bury him five feet deep!"

         Art without space has allotted itself the task
         of plumbing the region between the fourth and fifth foot -
         that hazy border between religion and art, between faith
         and myth, between cult and performance.
         Art has usurped the questions of religion. Has it therefore
         become a religion? Is art, at itís core, trying to process
         the tragic realization that life is transitory?
         Is the artist trying to lead us back to unity with the world?
         Does the artist negate his own mortality, or does he
         confront us with his own inability to come to grips with the world?
         Does the quality of art lie in its religious/cultic dimension, in its
         usefulness as fetish?
         The Kunstwerk Galerie presents art in unfamiliar contexts,
         that is, the Galerie seeks to discover new connections.
         artworldwide stellt die Frage nach der Beseelung der